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Frequently Asked Questions

You should have questions about any phone, internet or TV streaming services. And more importantly, we should be able to answer them! Browse through our FAQs for answers to the most common queries. 

Have a question for our talented team that is not listed? Please don’t hesitate to call 226-784-0140 or email

No, not always. However, when looking to provide service to customers who may require support and coverage beyond the ordinary we will recommend a visit in order to ensure we are recommending the ideal plan and set up for your situation.

Beyond Air believes that you will beyond happy with our service. Therefore there are no contracts that keep you locked in any longer than you wish to stay with us. 

Simply reach out by phone or email to start the process. We ask for ten (10) business days notice in order to cancel before the next billing period starts and you are only required to pay for the month you cancel in. How is that for Beyond incredible?

It all starts with a call from  a member of our team who will look to fully understand your needs and suggest a service plan that will help you, your family or even your business achieve its goals.   

Of Course! We often are able to change your service within 24hrs.  Your bill will then be prorated to reflect what was used prior to the change. (Very similar to Netflix!)

We accept all major credit cards and direct debit payment from your bank account.

Your modem, and one WiFi unit is included in your regular monthly charge. Additional mesh units to improve WiFi coverage are $5/month each.

We believe a fair price that remains consistent is the best way for our customers to save money and have a more enjoyable customer experience. You don’t have to call us and renegotiate.

Simply dial 226-784-0140 or email Beyond Air’s local team will respond and will always work as fast as they can to resolve your issue.

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