About Us

We are Beyond Air.

As your local ISP, we’re deeply committed to enhancing your internet experience and bringing a new level of connectivity to your communities. Right now, we’re putting all our efforts into developing plans that will extend better connections to even more homes within Sombra and Port Lambton villages, as well as along the scenic St. Clair Parkway.

We understand the frustrations of unreliable internet, especially for our Sombra neighbours. It’s our heartfelt mission to alleviate this pain and provide you with the seamless online experience that you truly deserve.

And to our dear friends in Port Lambton, we want you to know that we’re not just here to compete; we’re here to care for your needs. Our upcoming services will not only match the pricing of your current plans but also empower you with the ability to enjoy uninterrupted streaming and downloading of your favourite media content in stunning Ultra HD 4K resolution.

Please stay tuned for more updates as we work tirelessly to make these enhancements a reality. Your satisfaction and well-being are at the core of everything we do, and we’re honoured to serve you on your digital journey.

Meet our Beyond Air Team

Proudly local and dedicated to providing exceptional service, we built these bios for the Beyond curious.


Brandon Elliott

Owner and visionary at Beyond Air, Brandon is also an avid volunteer for several local charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters Sarnia-Lambton, where he is the Vice Chair and a Big Brother. Brandon is also a Deputy Unit Leader of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit in Point Edward. Like his vision for Beyond Air and customer service, this role demands kindness, patience and timely support. 

Any free time Brandon can carve out of his busy work and volunteer schedule is spent with his Beyond-brilliant wife and their beloved cat and two dogs.

Software Engineer


Coming soon!

Customer Service


Building now!

Customer SERVICE


Full disclosure coming soon.

Coverage Map

Welcome to Beyond Air’s evolving coverage map – a testament to our commitment to expanding connectivity where it’s needed most. While our coverage may be limited today, it’s steadily growing, reaching new communities and unlocking opportunities for connection across the map.

Join us as we bridge the gap, one community at a time. 

24/7 Customer Support

Reliable service paired with attentive customer support is here!

High Speed Fibre

Choose convenience, quality, and personalized service with our plans today!

Locally Owned

We take pride in our commitment to serve the very communities in which our team members live and play!

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